The Good, The Board and The Whips, Chains, and Hunger Pains: Episode 79 “Punishment in Games”

August 24, 2016

Trent - Scythe

Joe- Scythe

Andy- Scythe


Andy- Comancheria

Trent- Scythe Invaders from Afar

Joe- Martians A Story of Civilization


The Good The Board and The Jerks That Went to GenCon: Episode 78 “GenCon Reviews”

August 17, 2016

Joe, Trent and Andy went to GenCon.  I (Jonathan) didn't.  Listen to these guys talk about all they fun they got to have!  Like the big jerky mcjerk faces they are!


The Good The Board and The Joe Likes Space Alert Way Too Much: Episode 77 “Programming Games”

August 3, 2016


Trent - Hey That’s my Fish

Joe- Game of Thrones the Card Game after 1 cycle and 1 big box

Jon- Star Trek Frontiers

Episode 77 Programming Games


Trent: Guildhall Fantasy (more commentary than hype, though)

Joe- America

Jon- Tiny Epic Western


The Good The Board and The Heavy Petting: Episode 76 ” Heavy Player Interaction”

July 22, 2016


Andy- Bios Megafauna

Trent - Twilight Struggle app

Joe- Race for the Galaxy Xeno Invasion


Trent -  Millennium Blades reprint and new cards

Andy - Coal Trilogy re-release from Capstone Games

Joe - Shakespeare: Backstage...and maybe Mysterium Hidden signs


The Good The Board and The Jerks That Get To Go To GenCon: Episode 75 ” Gen Con Hype”

July 5, 2016


Trent - Tin Goose

Joe- Mare Nostrum

Andy- Arkwright Round IV

Episode 75 Gen Con Hype


Trent: Terraforming Mars

Joe- Chronicle: Origins

Andy- Terraforming Mars


The Good The Board and Some Light Touching: Episode 74 “Light Player Interaction”

June 30, 2016


Andy- Arkwright Round 3

Trent - Mexica revisit

Joe- Puerto Rico Expansion 1 Buildings and 2 Nobles likes poop

Jon- Tin Goose

Episode 74   Light Player Interaction.


Trent: Yokohama

Andy: Scythe or 18OHmygodshutupaboutarkwright

Joe- Massive Darkness: A personal battle and All creatures big and small app

Jon- TTR: Rails and Sails


The Good The Board and Gettin’ Ready” Episode 73 “Game Set-up”

June 23, 2016


Andy- 1889 revisited

Trent - Android Mainframe

Joe- Race for the Galaxy the Gathering Storm

Game set-up (initial board state and what it takes to get there)


Trent: Ponzi Scheme

Andy: Container

Joe- Dominion Empires, Anachrony, and Concordia expansion


The Good The Board and WHO WROTE THIS INSTRUCTION BOOK: Episode 72 “Hard to Teach Games”

June 14, 2016


Jonathan- Descent Road to Legend App

Trent- Dutch Blitz

Joe- Carson City Big Box


Hard to teach games


Trent: Gloomhaven

Jonathan: Legendary Encounters: An ALien Deckbuilding Game Expansion

Joe- Outlive


The Good The Board and The Stop Licking The Games Joe: Episode 71 “Changing Tastes in Games”

June 9, 2016

Reviews: Andy- Arkwright Revisited: Water Frame Trent- Mexica Joe- Blood Rage

Changing Tastes in Games

Hype: Trent: Arkham Horror TCG Andy: 1844/1854 Joe- Mare Nostrum


The Good The Board and The Doomed To Repeat: Episode 70 “Historical Games”

May 31, 2016

Reviews: Andy- Arkwright Trent- Karuba Joe- Eminent Domain Escalation

Historical Games

Hype: Trent: Pericles: The Peloponnesian Wars Andy: 18OER- The licensed 18xx game set in the ER TV series universe Joe- Tramways