The Good The Board and The Ethical: Episode 126 “Ethics and Bias in Board Game Reviews”

August 17, 2017


Joe S.- DND

Trent- KingDomino

Andy- 1867


Episode 126 Ethics and Bias in Board Game Reviews

Joe S.- Spirit Island

Trent - Gencon hype list (L5R, Whistle Stop, Spirit Island, Mini Rails, Millennium Blades mini XP, maybe others)

Andy - Pacific Typhoon


The Good The Board and The Light Headed: Episode 125 “Light Games for Heavy Gamers”

August 9, 2017


Joe S.- Watson & Holmes

Trent- Great Zimbabwe

Andy- 18IReland!!!


Episode 125 Light Games Recommended for Heavy Gamers

Joe S.- DND!!!

Trent - Power Grid Fabled? This looked friggin awesome!

Andy - Stellar Horizons


The Good The Board and The Ugly Duckling: Ep 124 “When Bad Mechanisms Turn Good”

August 2, 2017


Joe S.- Word Domination

Trent- Attila

Andy- Comancheria Initial Thoughts


Episode 124 When Bad Mechanisms Turn Good


Joe S.- AuZtralia

Trent - Wilson

Andy - City of the Big Shoulders


The Good The Board and The Crying Shame: Episode 123 “Best of BGG Not in Top 500″

July 26, 2017


Joe S.- A Study in Emerald 2ed

Trent- First Martians 

TC- Time of Crisis 


Episode 123  Best games out of the BGG top 500



Joe S.- Near & Far...more of a why did I buy this than a hype

Trent - For-Ex

TC- Conquest of Paradise


The Good The Board and The Highbrow: Episode 122 “Elitism”

July 19, 2017


Joe S.- Outlive

Andy- Lignum

Trent- Monopoly Gamer

Jon- Dice Forge

David- Inis


Episode 122 Elitism


Joe S.- Merlin- The new Feld 

Andy- Time of Crisis

Trent - Mars RC

Jon- Arkham Horror: The Path to Carcosa

David- Archmage


The Good The Board and The Peeved: Episode 121 “Trigger Phrases”

July 12, 2017


Joe S.- No Thanks

Andy- Princes of the Renaissance

Trent- New York 1901


Episode 121 Trigger Phrases


Joe S.- Edge of Darkness (Mystic Vale’s gpa)

Andy- Lignum

Trent - Sidereal Conflict


The Good The Board and The FUSION HA!: Episode 119 “Hybrid Games”

June 27, 2017


Joe S.- Bruges

Andy- 1822 Initial Thoughts

Ray- Anachrony

Episode 119 Hybrid Games


Joe S.- Nippon

Andy- Time of Crisis

Ray- Lisboa


The Good The Board and The Shared Strategies: Episode 118 “Net Deck vs Homebrew”

June 13, 2017


Joe S.- Famiglia

Andy- Age of Steam China

Jon- Inis

Episode 118 Netdecking vs. Homebrewing 


Joe S.- Steampunk Rally Fusion

Andy- Conflict of Heroes Guadalcanal

Jon-  DnD Betryal at the House on the Hill


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The Good The Board and The CON Artists: Episode 116 “Heavy Con Prep”

May 23, 2017


Trent - Glux

Joe S.- The Duke

Andy- 1830 Old School


Episode 116 Heavy Con prep


Trent - AH 1830

Joe S.- Kemet

Andy- Meeple Source Indonesia Upgrade