The Good The Board and The Pink: Episode 138 Games that Are Awesome (Because they have Pink)

November 8th, 2017


Episode 138 Awesome Games (because they have pink) Tonight’s episode is about games that have pink as an identifying color in the game. And we have a returning guest host: TC’s daughter Kate! She and her dad have made a top 5 list of games that feature pink!

Don’t forget the meaning of pink. Help out women in the battle against breast cancer here:

Reviews: Joe S.- For Ex (actually has several shades of pink/red/brown that are difficult to distinguish)

Trent - Skull

TC- Tramways; I love me some economic games!


TC- Calimala- Looks like an awesome thinky euro. Who cares about theme?

Joe S.- Clans of Caledonia; also, a Game mat for my gaming table

Trent - Zendo reprint

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