The Good, the Board, and the Essen Spiel 2017: Convention breakdown with Geof Carmen

November 22nd, 2017


Episode 140 Essen Spiel with Geof and Carmen

Geof Gambill and Carmen Petruzelli had the time of their lives at Essen Spiel in October and they are joining TC and Joe to unpack their experiences and game bags for your listening pleasure!

Geof- First impressions of Merlin and Transatlantic
Carmen- Kitchen Rush
Joe S.- Iberian Rails or Joraku
TC- Spinderella

Geof- Agra
Carmen- Kamasutra (2017)*
Joe S.- Rajas of the Ganges
TC- Battle for Rokugan

*That’s right; there have been multiple Kama Sutra games
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