The Good, the Board, and the Busy Boy : Episode 142 Mr. Hamm goes to DFW for BGG Con 2017

December 6th, 2017


Episode 142 BGG CON 2017

Joe S.- Munchkin? Spyfall 2?
Trent- No review - see topic
TC and Kate- The Thing

Trent’s BGGCon “to-be-played” List - 1817 (scheduled), Gandhi (COIN #9 - scheduled), For-Ex (scheduled with some sharks), Gaia Project (Hot Games tables), , Pulsar 2849 (Hot Games tables), Legend of the Five Rings tournament, Nusfjord, Riverboat, Clans of Caledonia,

TC - TI4
Joe S.- Liberté
Trent- No hype - see topic

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